Boho vs Rock

I saw this beautiful sculptie leather jacket at !_Ce_Cubic effect a little while ago and today I finally bought it.  I couldn’t wait to put it on but when it came to adjusting it I panicked lol.  I’m nervous of editing prims at the best of times and sculpties put the fear in me :P  Needless to say, I contacted Mirai Jun the creator and politely explained that I was a numpty and she (actually, had to come back and edit this as just found out that Mirai is a guy, my bad) kindly offered to edit it for me, what a sweetheart!


I love the texturing, my pictures do not do it justice believe me, go and take a look for yourselves, you won’t be sorry and it’s excellent value for money.



Finally, I wanted to show off these cute jeans, they are from a Japanese store called TRICOLORE.  Again, the texturing is good and I love the hand drawn qualities to them.  The best bit about these jeans are the optional sculptie prim cuffs, it makes them so versatile.  The roll-up cuffs are really quite something, the detail will bowl you over.  I have more from TRICOLORE to show you later ^^



Shopping List:

Jacket: !_Ce_Cubic effect – MJ Cubic effect Fully Scultped Jacket, Jeans: TRICOLORE – H2 set in Indigo, Top: TRICOLORE – Lumleather Tailored Tube Top in Green (Part of Lumleather  Tailored Jacket set), Belt: Fancy Schmancy – Militaire Belt, Bangles: Talisman – Boho Bracelets, Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Style – Michan Hair, Skin: Pelle Figura – Eva Creme Glam, Jewellery set: Bebe – Veraneo Literature (freebie)


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