Keeping it simple

Casual jeans and a simple white shirt are classic items almost everyone has in their wardrobe, tie your hair back, throw on your sunglasses and you’re good to go.


As promised, more from TRICOLORE, these cute boots are so cheap and what’s more, you get the jeans with sculptie boot-cut attachments included.  I adore these jeans and wear them far more than I should.  The hand drawn wrinkling around the knees is superb and they even have a baggy looking bum so they look well worn.


A note about the boots; they do look a little big and you can’t edit them, they look great with the jeans as the boot-cut sculpties disguise the size of them somewhat.  However, I’m struggling to find something else to wear these boots with.  On the upside, the jeans, the jeans!!  Oh, and you also get a free belt but I opted for one by Fancy Schmancy.


The hair is by Tukinowaguma Hair Style, I know I blogged about another of their hairs yesterday, but I couldn’t resist this one and as each hair only costs L$50, it’s a very good buy.  The white shirt is an old freebie from <3 Cupcakes, there used to be a whole lot of freebies upstairs but I’m not sure if they are there now, which is a shame as there was a lot of great stuff in those freebie packs.

Shopping List:

Boots & Jeans: TRICOLORE – Short Boots Lady Lady, Shirt: <3 Cupcakes – White Lace Shirt, Belt: Fancy Schmancy – Boucle Belt, Earrings: UnTone – Free gift (should still be there), Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Style – rara 3, Glasses: Fashionably Dead – Ultimate Bugeye Glasses


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