Hot Pink Saturday

Thank my lucky stars it’s Saturday, it’s been a long week.  I don’t know about you girls but this gal is ready to let her hair down.  As I promised yesterday, here is more on Kal Rau’s clothing at KR.  I don’t usually blog a whole outfit, I like to mix and match my clothes but how could I resist this t-shirt and the bermuda pants together? I didn’t have time to do a close up of these pants, but they are so pretty, and the cuff details are stunning.


I loved the hot pink colours in this black T-shirt, and to bring them out, I paired it with pink accessories and a new skin curtesy of Fleur.  I was thrilled to get a free skin at Fleur, simply by being a member of Fleur Updates.  For those of you who don’t know, join the group and look for the latest notice, it will give you details of a free shop card worth L$500 to spend at Fleur…. YAAAY!  This offer will only last a week, so get going!


The belt is from Fancy Shmancy.  You may notice I have problems with prim belts O.o  I always forget to make a shape for when I wear tight skirts, so my hips are constantly being resized, this makes belt wearing a hideous nightmare. 

Continued after the break……..

Hair today is from Tukinowaguma (again), but come on, for 50L$ it is damn fine!  Actually, I think this one was 75L$, possibly the most expensive in the whole shop lol.  I won’t rest until I have all of them, and there are some real 80’s do’s in there too.

I blogged the glasses yesterday (another KR product – ain’t he clever?) and the shoes are by Armidi.  I found the nail-polish at NevermoreStudios via Michami’s awesome blog (that girl has serious style) and I had never been there before and was thrilled at the large selection of (cheap) nail-polish and skins.   Ok so that’s it for today, you girls and guys enjoy your weekend!

Shopping List:

Pants: KR – Bermuda Flowers, Shirt: KR – Black Shirt W1, Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Style – Misa Black, Skin: Fleur – Vivant Buff Boudoir 2, Shoes: Armidi Gisaci – Dalia Pump in Cerise, Belt: Fancy Schmancy – Militaire Belt in Black, Sunglasses: KR – Sunglasses W2, Nails: Nevermore Studios – Twilight Nail Gloves, Earrings: Artileri: Teardrop Earrings – Group gift for Fashcon Rezday, Bangles: Shit Happens – Bangle Set 3 (freebie)



  1. Histrion Vielle Said:

    Ooooh… look at you in your pretty, pink shoes. Me likie lots. :D

  2. Saiko Setsuko Said:

    They certainly are bright eh? Barbie would be proud ;p

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