Ever have one of those Sophia Loren days?  OK, OK so I’m pretty much flat chested and my Brit accent is a far cry from the sultry tones of our Sophia but hey, my mic is broken, whose to know?


The coat (as I’m sure you all know) is by Muism, I totally want one in RL, but in SL with my constantly moving AO it gave revealing & unflattering glances of my bum, and well, it didn’t look good.  However, I can put up with that, and if it really gets you down,  a workaround is coming up…… read the next page to see how.


These gorgeous glasses are from KR by Kal Rau, I want to blog about him in my next post, all I can say is, I look forward to seeing more by him, right now he designs mainly for men but has a few women’s pieces too.  Kal also happens to be very friendly and approachable and that in itself is a plus in my book.  Psssst… Kal more womens clothes…. please?  :P

OK, so my workaround…. take the main body of the coat off and you are left with a stunning bolero jacket.  I actually used to own a jacket like this in the [cough] 80’s.  I miss that jacket…. :(


The hair is by Rac, and as most of you Fashcon girls know, there was a freebie available for Valentines Day, and well, I can’t help it but I am a freebieholic and the vulture in me swooped.  I loved my freebie so much, I bought this one too, my way of putting my karma to rights^^ 

Shopping List:

Coat: Muism – The Chic Coat, Houndstooth, Dress: G.L.A.M – Bustier Pencil Dress in Grey, Shoes: Armidi – Vidalia Pump in Metallic Noir, Belt: Armidi – Courtney Buckled Belt in Leather, Black, Glasses: KR – Sunglasses W2, Stockings: *Sheer* – Nylons in Black


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