But baby it’s cold outside…..

It’s been minus 2 today, the frost is still on the ground outside and I’m hungover.  Feeling like hell on legs always makes me want to dress in something soft and comforting, this mini sweater-dress from Nyte’N’Day was perfect.  It’s a shame that in real life, I’m still in my jim-jams :p


I toyed with having bare legs, but it’s too cold and goosebumps are a terrible look, a look I’d rather not share.  G.L.A.M.’s Tintable Metallic Tights came to the rescue and I teamed them with boots from Slink


The skin is by Kryptonia Paperdoll at Splashing Doll and was a freebie but Kryptonia informed me that this particular skin (Mailin) isn’t free anymore, However it only costs L$275!  While you are there check out some of the other shops, there is also a freebie shop.  I couldn’t check it out as the grid hates me today, tp’s ended in me crashing and when I relogged, my prims wouldn’t rez, maps wouldn’t work and yada yada yada. 

Continued after the break………………..

I really like this skin and can’t wait to see what else she has in her store, if this is anything to go by, I’d better have my wallet with me.


I have fallen in love with this hair, a simple pony tail with a few escaped tresses to complete the untidy but cute look.  Hair is by Tukinowaguma (again). I was going to wear something else, honest I was, but, well you know how you find a lipstick that is just “you”? Same applies to these hairs, at least prim hair lasts and doesn’t get worn down to a nub.

Shopping List:

Dress: Nyte’N’Day – Beguile Smoke (Rue), Skin: Splashing Doll – Mailin, Tights: G.L.A.M.  – Tintable Metallic Tights (freebie), Boots: Slink – Eva Suede Boot in Black, Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Style – Rara black



  1. I loooove sweater dresses! I’ve found this nyte ‘n’ day one to be one of my favourites this far and i’m so glad to see it being blogged! Perfect match with the super shiny silver tights too.

  2. Saiko Setsuko Said:

    Hi Dahlia! Yeah this sweater dress actually looks like a sweater dress to me lol. The textures really work and if my real life self could have one, it would be worn a lot!

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