Mirror in the bathroom……….

I’ve borrowed my sister in law’s USB record deck which copies all your old vinyl records down to cd format (yeah, some of you don’t remember vinyl – jeesh I’m getting old).  I was playing my old Madness, Specials, The Jam & The Beat records and it gave me an idea for an updated Two-Tone look – aahh the good old days……..


Madness are still playing live and are as good as ever, and Suggs still has those good looks!  The only thing missing from the outfit are braces (suspenders I think you call them in the good ole US of A) and a porkpie hat, but as this is a modern twist and sometimes over-accessorising can kill an outfit, I left them out.  I would have liked to be able to afford a pair of old Ray-Ban style sunglasses (I’m pretty sure Artilleri makes something similar) but my budget is low this week lol.  The shirt is by THREADBARE and is a guy’s shirt, it has a nice Oxford Weave to it and was a bargain at L$60.  The tie was L$30 and I got one in black too as it was too good a buy to miss.


 The uber cute (and free) dice earrings were made by someone called Sarabi Spatula, they didn’t come with a landmark, so, I searched for Sarabi and he/she has since left SL.  I would love to tell you where they are from, but I have no idea?  Anybody out there know? 

A short post from me today but I want to get back to the record deck :)

*Saiko skips off singing………… Shall I take you to a restaurant that’s got glass tables, you can watch yourself – while you are eating

Shopping list on the next page……

Shirt: THREADBARE – White Short Sleeved Shirt, Tie: THREADBARE = Chequered Tie, Jeans: G.L.A.M. – Denim “White Wash”, Skin: Aphrodite Creations – Another Fundraiser Basique (still sold in store), Bag: Celestial Studios – Hobo Bag, Black Suede, Shoes: Armidi – Vidalia Pump, Metallic Noir, Glasses : KR – W2, Belt: Fancy Schmancy – Boucle Belt, Bangles Left Hand: Shit Happens (old freebie), Bangles Right Hand: Boon: Boon Free Bangle (freebie), Hair: Tukinowaguma Hair Style – Misa Black



  1. I stumbled upon this older blog by accident but I do know the answer to your question. Sarabi Spatula never really left SL. She is now Sarabi McMahon. She just opened a store named Sarabi.

  2. hrm Said:

    Sarabi’s stuff is all crap. It’s all limited edition reseller stuff. She hasn’t made anything on her own since she did her hair. Even her necklaces weren’t hers and I doubt that resident is happy judging by their profile about those prims being used.

  3. Sarabi McMahon Said:

    I won’t deny using limited edition items, but claiming i have made nothing myself is a pure lie. I have several 100% self made items in my shop, so check your facts next time.

    Ofcourse, bullies have never cared about facts, now have they?

    I swear, your jealousy amuses me more than a car full of clowns.

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