The Bold & the Beautiful….

I’ve been lurking in LeeZu Baxters for a day or two now, my eye kept being drawn to the Revolution Mo outfit.  It’s striking that’s for sure and bold to boot.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted it as at first, to me, it was a confusing piece.  Then yesterday eureeka -I got it (I bought it too ;p), I understood Leezu’s outfit and the more I played, the more I loved it.


 This daring use of colour and the abstract quilting patterns of the coat make it so unique, abstract art, bold patterns and colour is gonna be big this year.  I chose to team the coat with a pair of red ankle boots, black skinny jeans and a red shirt.  What is great about the coat is you can pick any of the many colours and use that as your accent colour, it’s so diverse.























This outfit is one of the other combinations, and at first it kinda just hits you with a WTH, but the more you look, the more it grows on you, well for me it did lol.  It’s edgy and fun and the transparent skirt is awesome.  I had to keep accessories down to a minimum here as the dress really doesn’t need a lot.  I wore red earrings and bronze wedge heels to co-ordinate. 

Shopping list available after the break…..


Coat, short jump-suit & transparent skirt: LeeZu Baxter Design – Revolution Mo Outfit, Jeans: G.L.A.M – Denim Coal Wash, Shirt: Nyte’N’Day – Tied Up Red, Boots: Armidi – Oxford Leather Ankle Boot, Persian Red, Shoes: Armidi – Rio Beleza Wedge [Faux Pony-Lt. Gold], Skin: Pelle Figura – Eva Cherry Sun, Hair: JUNWAVE, Wolf, Semi-black, Bag: Celestial Studios – Hobo, Black, Glasses: Armidi – Fi Umo Sunglasses, Earrings: Diamonde – Funky Earring (tintable) 


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