Twilight Tango

 I bought this dress a week or so ago and have been meaning to blog it ever since but I’ve had severe lag lately and even trying to rez an outfit has been a nightmare.  I’ve been lucky today and even managed this, a second post……go me! 


This dress is, in a word marvelous, the skirt is bang up to the minute in style and not unlike !_Ce_Cubic effect’s Tiered Skirt, but it is actually a skirt with the prims attaching to the spine and hips as opposed to the prims being attached to the legs. 


I adore the subtle sparkles scattered in swathes over the top half of the dress, it really stops the dress from  looking one dimensional and adds a special touch.  One word of warning though, those who dislike showing the cracks of their arses should avoid this one.  I usually don’t get my cheeks out for anyone but this dress is class, pure and simple, therefore, my arse is class too ;p

Credits after the break………..

Dress: Leezu Baxter Designs – Pinkup Flexidress /black, Shoes: Armidi – Vidalia Pump, Metallic Noir, Necklace and Bracelet: Muse: Claris Black Pearl & Diamond Necklace & Bracelet in silver, Earrings: Muse – Celine Pearl Earring Drop (Black Pearl/Silver), Hair: ETD – Lovely (Free), Ring: Caroline’s – Blanc Square Diamond Ring, Skin: Pelle Figura – Eva Cherry Sun, Nails: Nevermore Studion – Tart



  1. Ana Lutetia Said:

    Pretty dress

  2. Saiko Setsuko Said:

    Hi Ana^^ Yeah I forgot to mention it comes in other colours too, some really pretty ones, I thought the black was really dramatic and as I could only afford one, it was top choice:)

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