Wake me up before you go go…..

Heheheh hands up who remembers that old Wham! classic?  This T-shirt from Emery is based on the Katherine Hamnett T-shirts which Wham adopted, on the success of these she later created Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax t-shirts.  Katherine has revived the Choose Life t’s and they are on sale again today….yay! 


Now I didn’t want to mention the following nasty business as this is not a political blog, but, before I get my ass kicked all over SL, this t-shirt, despite what some people think, is notfor the Pro-Life cause.  It was created for a Buddhist exhibition.  The anti-abortion lobby tried to appropriate the use of the slogan but Katherine Hamnett has since reclaimed it.

If you would like to know Katherine’s real meaning for Choose Life, you can read it from her site here…   http://www.katharinehamnett.com/Protest-and-Survive/Choose-Life-T-Shirt//

OK so back to the goods^^  I had a devil of a job with the prim on this leather skirt by SWA.  Hopefully, it’s not too obvious that I’d stand a better chance of fixing a hole in my roof than a prim attachment lol.  I wore Armidi’s metallic tights in white as I can’t bring myself to go bare legged in winter, even in SL :P


The chunky chain necklace is so right for this outfit, you could buy these in solid colours and my friends and I would all be swapping, depending on our outfits lol.  I wore some funky orange earrings, bangles and shoes to tie up with the orange in the necklace and to help break up the black and white.

Credits after the break……………

Just for those who may not have noticed, I have provided slurls in my “Take me shopping!” page. 

Shopping List:

T-shirt: Emery – Choose Life Tank,  Leather Mini Skirt: SWA – LeatherMiniSkirtSet in black, Tights: Armidi – Metallic Tights in White, Shoes: Armidi – Dhalia Pump in Orange, Necklace: BBB – Chain_plas_4, Bracelets: Sh*t Happens – Bangle Set 2 (old freebie, not sure if it’s still available), Earrings: Diamonde – Funky Earrings (Tintable), Bag: Celestial Studios – Hobo Bag in black, Hair: Cake – Europa in black.



  1. Hiya – Perhaps I missed it, but what skin are you sporting there?

  2. Saiko Setsuko Said:

    I KNEW I misssed something! Sorry about that Gillian^^ It’s the Pelle Figura – Eva Spice Glam skin.

  3. Gala Giha Said:

    Nice Blog!

  4. Saiko Setsuko Said:

    Nice of you to say so Gala, appreciate it^^

    Saiko x

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