Monday Moods

 I’ve had a busy weekend so Monday came too soon, you ever feel that you somehow missed your weekend?  Today I wanted to rewind back to Sunday and opted for something relaxed, soft and feminine.


Yesterday I found this fab little sweater at KUROTSUBAKI, it moves so sweetly with it’s four prim attachments and drapes so softly making it soothing to the eye which is what I needed after a fractious day at work.


These gloves were a freebie find at IZUMYA a month or so ago, you can find some cute freebies there.  The hair I found at The Abyss which I discovered through reading Sophia Gray’s blog on some boots she bought there.  I love the texturing of this hair, it works so well in black.  I’ve been finding a lot of black hair at the moment seems to lose it’s definition and look like a black blob or worse, look like it belongs to a Lego person, so I appreciate this one a lot^^


The jewellery doesn’t co-ordinate with the colours of the outfit but it gives a nice soft contrast and sometimes if you colour match everything an outfit can look too contrived, but that’s just my stupid opinion lol and prolly an excuse not to have tried harder :P

Continued after the break……………..

Remember my Sophisticate post?  The black lounge pants?  These little city shorts came with those pants, a bargain at L$50. 


Finally, the boots, the lovely boots.  Chunky, square-toed and beautifully constructed boots from Slink.  If you haven’t checked them out, do!  The colour range is fantastic, seriously, well worth a look.

See the Take Me Shopping page for slurls.

Shopping List:

Sweater:KUROTSUBAKI – Cardigan Black, City Shorts:mocca = Wide Pants, Boots: Slink – Sara Square Toe Boot in black, Stockings:AI Fashion – SENSU Stockings, Hair: The Abyss – Oxygen, Necklace:EARTHTONES – Boho Gypsy Necklace, Mixed Cherry Woods, Earrings:EARTHTONES – Boho Big Loop Earring, Cherry Woods, Gloves:IZUMYA – Leather Glove [Brown], Skin:Pelle Figura – Eva Spice Glam, Glasses:Armidi – Fi Umo Sunglasses. 



  1. Histrion Vielle Said:

    Hey up, you… ya nicked me cardi! :P lol

  2. Saiko Setsuko Said:

    Uh I did? OK well that makes up for the lunch money, the candy, the catapult, and the felt-tip pens you stole from me – I still haven’t forgiven you :P

  3. Histrion Vielle Said:

    /me hands back the lunch money and felt tips, but clings stubbornly to the sweeties and catapult.

    *And to make certain everybody is clear, there was nothing subversive (underhanded, malicious or negative) meant in my previous comment*

  4. Saiko Setsuko Said:

    /me rushes out and buys a bigger catapult and begins to load it with mud-pies, takes aim and grins wickedly at Histy :P

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