About Saiko


Hi I am Saiko and I have been in SL since October 2006 in one incarnation or another.  After much exploring and endless shopping I wanted to create a blog to show you my personal favourites, be it clothes or sims that I love. 

I wouldn’t call myself a typcial fashion blogger, for me, it’s more about style, being stylish has little to do with fashion trends, although it certainly helps to be in the know.  I read the blogs everyday to keep in touch with what’s happening out there or to find that essential “how did I ever live without it” item that one of my fave bloggers has found.  Please,  do check out my blogroll, you will see some great and individual looks on these blogs and they are to some extent my bible^^

I am also a freebie junkie (I blame SL Freestyle for that) and you will from time to time, see some freebies on my blog but these finds come largely from other bloggers. 

I’m still working on this page, and it may change and grow as my blog grows.  I would love to hear from any readers so please do not be afraid to comment, exchanges of ideas are always welcome^^

 Saiko xx


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