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Monday Moods

 I’ve had a busy weekend so Monday came too soon, you ever feel that you somehow missed your weekend?  Today I wanted to rewind back to Sunday and opted for something relaxed, soft and feminine.


Yesterday I found this fab little sweater at KUROTSUBAKI, it moves so sweetly with it’s four prim attachments and drapes so softly making it soothing to the eye which is what I needed after a fractious day at work.


These gloves were a freebie find at IZUMYA a month or so ago, you can find some cute freebies there.  The hair I found at The Abyss which I discovered through reading Sophia Gray’s blog on some boots she bought there.  I love the texturing of this hair, it works so well in black.  I’ve been finding a lot of black hair at the moment seems to lose it’s definition and look like a black blob or worse, look like it belongs to a Lego person, so I appreciate this one a lot^^


The jewellery doesn’t co-ordinate with the colours of the outfit but it gives a nice soft contrast and sometimes if you colour match everything an outfit can look too contrived, but that’s just my stupid opinion lol and prolly an excuse not to have tried harder :P

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Mirror in the bathroom……….

I’ve borrowed my sister in law’s USB record deck which copies all your old vinyl records down to cd format (yeah, some of you don’t remember vinyl – jeesh I’m getting old).  I was playing my old Madness, Specials, The Jam & The Beat records and it gave me an idea for an updated Two-Tone look – aahh the good old days……..


Madness are still playing live and are as good as ever, and Suggs still has those good looks!  The only thing missing from the outfit are braces (suspenders I think you call them in the good ole US of A) and a porkpie hat, but as this is a modern twist and sometimes over-accessorising can kill an outfit, I left them out.  I would have liked to be able to afford a pair of old Ray-Ban style sunglasses (I’m pretty sure Artilleri makes something similar) but my budget is low this week lol.  The shirt is by THREADBARE and is a guy’s shirt, it has a nice Oxford Weave to it and was a bargain at L$60.  The tie was L$30 and I got one in black too as it was too good a buy to miss.


 The uber cute (and free) dice earrings were made by someone called Sarabi Spatula, they didn’t come with a landmark, so, I searched for Sarabi and he/she has since left SL.  I would love to tell you where they are from, but I have no idea?  Anybody out there know? 

A short post from me today but I want to get back to the record deck :)

*Saiko skips off singing………… Shall I take you to a restaurant that’s got glass tables, you can watch yourself – while you are eating

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But baby it’s cold outside…..

It’s been minus 2 today, the frost is still on the ground outside and I’m hungover.  Feeling like hell on legs always makes me want to dress in something soft and comforting, this mini sweater-dress from Nyte’N’Day was perfect.  It’s a shame that in real life, I’m still in my jim-jams :p


I toyed with having bare legs, but it’s too cold and goosebumps are a terrible look, a look I’d rather not share.  G.L.A.M.’s Tintable Metallic Tights came to the rescue and I teamed them with boots from Slink


The skin is by Kryptonia Paperdoll at Splashing Doll and was a freebie but Kryptonia informed me that this particular skin (Mailin) isn’t free anymore, However it only costs L$275!  While you are there check out some of the other shops, there is also a freebie shop.  I couldn’t check it out as the grid hates me today, tp’s ended in me crashing and when I relogged, my prims wouldn’t rez, maps wouldn’t work and yada yada yada. 

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Hot Pink Saturday

Thank my lucky stars it’s Saturday, it’s been a long week.  I don’t know about you girls but this gal is ready to let her hair down.  As I promised yesterday, here is more on Kal Rau’s clothing at KR.  I don’t usually blog a whole outfit, I like to mix and match my clothes but how could I resist this t-shirt and the bermuda pants together? I didn’t have time to do a close up of these pants, but they are so pretty, and the cuff details are stunning.


I loved the hot pink colours in this black T-shirt, and to bring them out, I paired it with pink accessories and a new skin curtesy of Fleur.  I was thrilled to get a free skin at Fleur, simply by being a member of Fleur Updates.  For those of you who don’t know, join the group and look for the latest notice, it will give you details of a free shop card worth L$500 to spend at Fleur…. YAAAY!  This offer will only last a week, so get going!


The belt is from Fancy Shmancy.  You may notice I have problems with prim belts O.o  I always forget to make a shape for when I wear tight skirts, so my hips are constantly being resized, this makes belt wearing a hideous nightmare. 

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Pelle Figura


Pelle Figura is a great skin and shape shop I found out about last week having bumped into Italia Babii, one of the co-owners when I was lurking outside of Armidi.  She was wearing a fab skin which I asked her about and she gave me two demos to try.   Well, needless to say, I tried ’em and I loved ’em.   I went back a few days later to buy one of the Eva skins, this one is the Eva Creme Glam.


I’m not fond of getting my bits out, call it pixelated shyness if you will ^^ I could have chosen some lingerie to hide the girly bits but instead, opted for this cute Hawaiian bikini and short set from Second Wave Apparel.  … continue reading this entry.